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Selling Your Bike?

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Sell My Motorbike

There are many ways to sell your motorbike but what is best for you. In past times the options were limited to adverts in local papers, a card in a shop window or part exchange for another vehicle. Today is a lot of different, modern technology and the internet at the forefront of our lives. The ability to advertise your bike twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Safer ways to sell your machine and not get scammed. Other considerations that come to mind is what you want from the deal and your situation. Everyone inevitably wants the best deal. Do you have a new bike in mind but have been offered a bit less than you thought you would get on a part-exchange deal? Or is it just time to have the money in the bank so you can shop around for your next dream machine? Everyone circumstance is different. Below we look at all the different options you've got when selling your bike.

Selling Your Bike To Us

From the comfort of your armchair, you can sell your bike to us buy just filling in some details of the Motorbike and some contact details for yourself. We will then contact you as soon as possible and might make you a no-obligation offer for your bike. At this point, you will be able to decide whether the deal is right for you or not. If you choose to take the deal, we will then arrange a suitable day for us to inspect the bike and collect it from your house. We will pay the money directly to your bank and, if need be, pay any outstanding finance off as we collect the bike from you.

Advantages We come to you. Money transfer on collection. Covid safe. No dealing with auction sites.

Disadvantages We only buy bikes under 8 years old.

Part Exchange

A good option when selling your bike is part exchange. But most of us have experienced in our lives that we don't seem to have a great deal. One reason is that the salesperson can make a judgement on how keen you are on your new purchase and can sometimes offer a bit lower than you expected. The excellent news would be if you are proficient in haggling for the best deal and using all your poker skills at the time, you can walk away with a smile on your face. Another factor that most of us are aware of is on the salespersons months performance. If they haven't reached set targets, you may be able to squeeze some more cash in the deal, and this can also work against you, like in the summer months when bike sales are at high levels.

Advantages Haggle factor lost on your latest bike.

Disadvantages Price can fluctuate for many reasons.

Online Auction Sites

We've all seen them; most of us has used them, Autotrader or Ebay. Good or bad, you decide. Lots of people with extraordinary experiences, but it can be a bit risky. Horror stories, we've all heard them and warned about them, but we are still selling valuable objects on these sites. Its good advice to not let some stranger test ride your machine. Gone in flash comes to mind. Also, what happens if the test rider drops your bike? Who pays? Were they insured? Online auctions can get expensive and timely, especially if the bike doesn't sell quickly.

Advantages Bids could go in your favour for more cash.

Disadvantages Scammers, The time spent making the advert. Responding to the most outrageous questions. Stupid offers. Dealing with buyers on the day. Buyers that do not turn up at the arranged time. Giving personal details to unknown persons. The time it takes to sell. Cost of advertising.

Bike Forums

Online motor traders have been around a long time and work well for many people but carry the same risks and disadvantages as online auctions. What doesn't appeal is that your machine might be the pick of the bunch but finding it has placed in order depending on Price and may be missed by potential buyers.

Advantages It is in your hands.

Disadvantages Scammers. The time spent making the advert. Responding to the most outrageous questions asked. Stupid offers. Dealing with buyers. Cost of advertising. The time that is taken to sell.

Why Sell Your Bike To Us?

Selling your bike to us is safe & secure. Selling your motorcycle to a private buyer can be risky. Many people have had their bikes stolen after allowing the buyer to test drive their motorbike and have them ride off and not return. The seller then has the problem of claiming on the dreaded insurance, as many insurers will not payout when the motorbikes are "stolen with keys".

We provide payment on collection. No cash. Payments are through bank transfer at the time of sale at your home.

We also provide a no fuss promise. As long as the bike is in the condition that has been stated on the valuation, we will perform a quick check, then we will pay the money directly into your bank account, no fuss, no further haggling. We buy any bike that is as agreed in the valuation.

Selling Your Bike?

Get a free valuation now

Existing Finance?

If you have exisiting finance and can't afford the repayment, we can take care of it. We will deduct the difference from the final amount.

Sick of online auctions?

We've all waited in for a buyer and rearranged plans just for them to not turn up. We will be in touch throughout the process.