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Frequently asked questions about selling your motorbike.

Selling Your Motorbike?

Are you looking to sell a motorbike without all the hassel and risk? We understand that selling your motorbike privately can be daunting with all the current scams and theives circulating the internet. Selling your bike to us couldn't be safer and more secure. Payment will be in your bank before we leave!

We Offer Amazing Prices

At The Motorbike Dealer we specialise in buying used motorbikes at realistic and fair prices. Our streamlined service and typically lower overheads than most brick and motar dealers allows us to give you more money for your motorbike.

How do I sell my motorbike to you?
Selling your motorbike to us is easy. We operate three simple steps. Enter your motorbike's registration in the box above and confirm we've found the right bike. After that we will ask for some details about your motorbike such as the mileage, condition and accessories. Once we've received your contact details we will be in touch within just 24 hours.

Your website says it cannot find my bike!
That's strange. Our site links directly to a real time lookup service for vehicle registrations. If your bike can't be found, it's no problem, just email us at and we will give you a quote for your motorbike.

Can I sell my motorbike with finance on it? Yes you can!
Having finance on your bike is not a problem and you can still sell it. All you will need is a final settlement amount from your finance company. We will deduct the settlment amount from your valuation price and pay you the difference. We aim to pay the settlement amount to the finance company within 24 hours.

Can you beat a dealers price for trade in?
We certainly hope we can beat most dealers part exchange price. We work hard in keeping our costs low, so that we can pass off the savings to our customers by offering more money for their motorbike.

Are their any hidden fees when selling my motorbike?
Absolutely not. We do not charge any fees for you to sell your motorbike to us. We offer an honest and upfront valuation for your bike - thats it!

I've misplaced my motorbike's V5 document!
We understand things like this happen. You will need the V5 form for us to buy your bike so you will need to apply for a new one at the DVLA. Once you've got your new document we will then buy your motorcycle.

I'm happy with the price for my motorbike!
If you are satisfied with the offer your bike please reply to the email or contact us using the phone number provided on the valuation email. We will arrange to collect your motorcycle within 48 hours.

How has road tax changed?
Vehicles in the UK no longer keep road tax attached to them. If you have paid road tax for the year you will be entitled to a refund for the remainder from the DVLA. This is usually automatic.

When do I get paid when selling my motorbike?
We always pay for motorcycles the same day. Payment for motorbikes are always done via bank transfer as we do not bring cash to viewings. Bank transfers are usually instant.

How long will you be when collecting my motorbike?
We understand your time is important. We aim to collect bikes within an hour of arriving at your property.

Why Sell Your Motorbike To Us?

Selling to us is safe & secure. Selling your motorcycle to a private buyer can be risky. Many people have had their bikes stolen after allowing the buyer to test drive their motorbike and have them ride off and not return. The seller then has the problem of claiming on the dreaded insurance, as many insurers will not payout when the motorbikes are "stolen with keys".

We provide payment on collection. No cash. Payments are through bank transfer at the time of sale at your home.

We also provide a no fuss promise. As long as the bike is in the condition that has been stated on the valuation, we will perform a quick check, then we will pay the money directly into your bank account, no fuss, no further haggling.

Selling Your Bike?

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