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The Yamaha R6

Proof that small capacity doesn't always mean less fun.

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Yamaha R6 dressed in black.

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As early as 1999, the YZF R6 supersport class was introduced as a smaller option of the YZF R1. The 599cc market is small, and the Yamaha R6 was one of the first bikes in its class that produced over 100 bhp from the factory. Over the last two centuries there have been several versions with continuous improvements along the way. The earliest models were fuelled with a carburettor arrangement. One of the first revisions introduced fuel injection in 2003.

The R6 was designed from the start with fully adjustable 43mm front forks, twin 295 mm front disks and had a low seat position at 810 mm. The rear sprocket was larger than the more modern versions, having 48 teeth made it a bit nippier off the line but a slower top end. The R6 is lightweight with a wet weight listed as 200kg.

Update: Sadly Yamaha is discontinuing the road version of the R6 for 2021.

Yamaha R6 Updates

In 2006 significant changes to the model include 41mm inverted front forks that included separate high and low-speed compression damping. A slipper clutch multi-plate that reduced the effects of engine braking and transmission damage was installed. The R6 had a smaller rear sprocket at 45 teeth. Increase to 125 bhp giving a more significant top end at fantastic 160 mph and a 0-60 in 3 seconds.

In 2017 there was even more improvements to the R6, lighter components: an aluminium fuel tank and a magnesium subframe that dropped the wet weight by 10kg, new inverted 43mm front forks were adjustable in 3 ways, and a different rear shock was fitted, front twin disk brakes updated to 230 mm, ABS and traction control as standard, new body styling that increased the aerodynamics efficiency was also a significant improvement for this version. The new models also have duel LED headlights, and having styling borrowed from the big R1 includes a more prominent front screen to push more air over the top of the rider. The Yamaha YZF R6 is one of the most popular sports bikes in Europe.

Yamaha R6 in Racing Blue

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