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The Yamaha R125

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2014-2018 Yamaha YZF R125

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Launched in 2008, the Yamaha YZF R125 and its design was based on its popular sports bike styles and inspired by the R6 and R1. It is one of the smaller bikes in its class. This bike is ideal for those who are new to motorcycling and aged over 17 and after passing a CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) to which an A1 licence can also be obtained. This allows you to ride a motorcycle up to 15 horsepower or up to 125cc. The YZF 125 has an average of 100mpg that makes it quite affordable to run, giving it a tank range of about 150 miles. A full dealer service would cost around £120, a bargain which is important to youngsters or someone using the bike for commuting.

The YZF is powered by a 124cc engine, liquid-cooled that puts out just under the legal requirements for an A1 licence holder but still able to reach a top speed of 75 mph, which is more than ample for any learner driver. As a first bike priced at £3000 in (2008!) from new, you will not find many dissatisfied customers.

Features: Single Brembo calliper two pistons with a 292mm front disk, Top Speed of 75mph, Seat height 818mm, GP Style exhaust. Six-speed gearbox and electronic fuel injection.

Yamaha R125 Updates

Revised for 2019: Yamaha has taken this popular “2018 MCN winning sports 125cc”, redesigning it and making it even better. Better handling, better engine combined with a new look. The engine has been re-tuned to give more power in the mid-section of its power-band. A brand new lcd screen takes the bike into the 21st century. The improvements make it better to keep up with the traffic when in urban situations, and when out on the open road, it has increased top end. In 2019 Yamaha produced a new look Monster energy drink version of the R125 and went on sale in the UK for £4700. The engine now comprises of a Variable Valve Actuation system—two systems of cams, low lift and high lift, that operate two separate rocker arms. The valves swap over at over 7600 rpm to high lift that gives more torque at the higher revs.

The newer machines are priced on the higher end for a 125cc. You do get what you pay for, but as for a first bike for a 17-year-old may be seen as a bit on the rich side. Comparable bikes like the Suzuki GSX R125 priced at £4100 and the Honda CBR125R at £4000. A similar spec and modern styling motorbike would be the Aprilia RS125 and was priced identical to the Yamaha YFZ R125 standard edition.

Updated 2019 Yamaha R125

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