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The Suzuki GSX S750

How does Suzuki's streetfigher hold up?

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Suzuki GSX S750

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The naked Suzuki GSX S750 has been tuned for the streets and is powered by Suzuki’s legendary fuel-injected engine and loaded with the latest technology. The bike displays a four into one Lean Exhaust system that meets all the European standards whilst keeping a sporty look for the bike.

The GSX is smooth to ride, it maintains its power through the range, and it is nimble and highly responsive for every road situation you are likely to come across. 2021 the GSX is equipped with Suzuki’s Traction control system and Low RPM Assist, and Suzuki’s Easy Start system. The Styling has been enhanced by the introduction of a new sleek headlight, new fuel tank and body trim designs, enhanced performance and handling from the lightweight chassis will aid you in dominating the roads.

The S750 has KYB front forks, 41mm upside-down forks that are adjustable, making the ride smooth and comfortable and can be varied for the riding conditions. The braking mechanism has radial callipers. The disks are petal-shaped, adding to the bikes good looks.

Lightweight ten-spoke wheels that have been newly designed to give it the aggressively sporty look that the GSX has always been at the forefront in its design.

2021 Updates to The GSX S750

The Suzuki GSX S750 has K5 749 cc 113 horsepower inline-four 16-valve liquid-cooled. The GSX S750 was produced from 2015 and is the newer version of the GSX R750 and GSR 750. It is classed as middleweight naked.

The seat height is 815mm with inverted front forks and an adjustable pre-loaded rear shock. Cost new £7699, it is one of the cheaper bikes in its class. Suzuki produced a version that is A2 licence compatible that was released in 2018 that had only 47bhp. This 750 would make a first great bike.

The Suzuki GSX S750 has a 3.5-gallon tank. With average fuel consumption of 50mpg combined with its low riding position and reasonable weight makes this bike a good contender for commuting.

ABS as standard now, but in earlier models, ABS was an optional extra. The LCD speedo dash unit has a good display that includes fuel level and range, gear position, a trip computer and RPM indication, all the basics you may require. The bike comes with 17-inch wheels and pre-loaded with Bridgestone Battlax tyres.

Suzuki GSX S750

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'I want to sell my GSX S750'

If you have a Suzuki GSX S750 and want to sell it, why not get a price from us today. Fill out your motorbike's reg above, and a few extra details. We will then get back to you within 24 hours with a competitive price for your bike. If you are happy with the price, we will arrange for someone to pick up your bike from your home (usually within 48 hours). Payment will be made directly into your bank account on inspection at your property. It's as simple as that.

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Selling your bike to us is safe & secure. Selling your motorcycle to a private buyer can be risky. Many people have had their bikes stolen after allowing the buyer to test drive their motorbike and have them ride off and not return. The seller then has the problem of claiming on the dreaded insurance, as many insurers will not payout when the motorbikes are "stolen with keys".

We provide payment on collection. No cash. Payments are through bank transfer at the time of sale at your home.

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