Project Triumph TE-1

An electric bike with 180bhp and 120 mile range?

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Triumph TE-1

Triumph has released details, sketches of the styling and revealing the advanced electric powertrain and battery set up of the new TE 1.

The bike is claimed to have 174bhp and has a claimed range of around 120 miles per charge.

The company state that they are in phase 2 of the 4-phase new development project. The latest developments have come from the collaboration between Triumph Motorcycles, The University of Warwick WMG, Williams Advanced Engineering and Integral Powertrain Ltd. The project is being funded by the Office for Zero-Emission Vehicles.

The current benchmarks have already been exceeded by the new Powertrain and Battery combination. Further developments with performance, efficiency and range of the electric TE 1.

The third phase of the process is to produce a Prototype of the TE 1. The design so far has already proven itself, the battery technology and the powertrain performance that exceeds the specification set by the UK Automotive Council for 2025. The whole project was set by Triumph with a two-year time table to complete the development of the TE 1. This will drive Triumph’s future with electric motorcycling whilst enhancing the credibility and profile of British Industry and design.

Triumphs part in the project, as well as the brand name, they have developed a new advanced vehicle control software that will ensure intuitive throttle response, regen braking system, and traction control, all displayed on a newly developed instrument display unit. Every part of the motorbike has been redesigned using brand new concepts. There are a new prototype frame and chassis for TE 1.

Integral Powertrain Ltd has many years of experience with cutting edge motor and inverter design and manufacture and are applying this technology to the TE 1. The motor itself produces 174bhp and only weighs 10kg that is only a fraction of the weight of a typical combustion engine.

Williams Advanced Engineering identified the cell technology that was required for Triumphs TE 1 project. Also, they have been working alongside Triumph developing the New unique vehicle control unit that is integrated into the battery pack. This feature reduces the weight and packaging of the unit.

Williams has been working closely with all other partners to develop representative models that simulate the systems of the bike. The battery motor and motorbike control have been simulated. These simulations are valuable in saving time and money by actually proving the systems before they are actually built.

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