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Government's new anti tampering law debate

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DfT Anti Tampering Law Debate

Last September the Government shed light on proposals for a new set of anti tampering laws that would ban any 'tampering' - essentially stopping riders modifying their machines in any meaningful way. This could be exhausts, brakes, cosmetics and even engine mapping.

Update: The DfT (Department for Transport) have recently clarified their intentions on the the anti tampering proposals with the National Motorcyclists Council. Originally the wording used confused every rider, as it appeared to reference any type of modification. The clarification stated that the new laws will only apply to systems that effect noise or bike emissions - the exhaust and ECU.

NMC’s representative at the meeting was the BMF’s, Anna Zee. She said; “We were invited to a meeting with DfT officials on 27th October to discuss this section of the consultation. They were quick to admit this could have been worded better; it is NOT intended to prevent customisation of bikes or the fitting of aftermarket products that do the same job, or better, as the original equipment. It IS intended to apply to anything which affects emissions, the computerised systems which are installed and such devices as the dongles advertised for increasing the speed on e.g. e-scooters.”

Important: Further clarification has revealed that the future anti tampering law would be retrospective. This would mean any modified bike you currently own or buy would inherit that problem. Thankfully, the law is unlikely to come in to effect until 2024.

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