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One of our favourite motorbike brands has a rich history.

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Early Years History

Harley Davidson was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1903 by William S Davidson and the Davison brothers as a joint venture With Indian. Over the years, there have been many company changes for Harley Davidson is today. Harley Davidson is one of the largest motorbike manufacturers in the world. The brand world-wide has its own owners club and a brand dedicated museum. Everything is available with HD branding. You are able to buy branded clothing, home décor and ornaments, toys, scale models, video games and even crash helmet, all displaying the Harley Davidson logo. The first designs were developed from the blueprints that they draw of a bicycle driven by a tiny 116cc engine. The Bicycle was a failure as it struggled to get up any hills in Milwaukee’s area and was written off as a valuable learning experience.

The firms’ first bike had a new loop frame design and a bigger engine, 405cc. It was put together in the family shed that only measured 10ft x 15ft in the family’s back yard. The prototype was put to the test in the Milwaukee’s motorbike race, where it came 4th. The first factory was built in 1906 in Chestnut Street and then on to Juneau Avenue. The factory was only small, 40ft x 60ft. The first year they produced 50 motorbikes.

Motoring on through the years and increasing the range, by 1915, Harley Davidson produced the 11f motorbikes. One of HD’s first true icon, it had a three-speed gearbox. It also featured an automatic oiler. This bike is very rare and would be worth a small fortune if you ever come across one. Many more models produced later were developed from the 11F.

By 1920, Harley Davidson was winning awards and was crowned the King of Motorbikes and claimed to be the biggest motorbike manufacturer in the world.

Harley Davidson Facts

In 1909 the V Twin was born and first fitted to a Harley Davidson, but even though they are known for having the first V Twin and have been inextricably linked with them ever since, the first V Twin was designed and invented by its former partner, Indian motorbike company who first used the V Twin in 1904.

It was less than 20 years from the first manufactured Harley Davidson motorbike. They became the biggest motorbike manufacturer in the world at that time. It had over 2000 dealers spread over 67 countries.

A sceptical fact that may be fictional is that the first carburettor that was used was devolved from a tomato can. The article has been referenced many times in different literature about Harley Davidson.

The Harley Davidson branded clothing adds up to 5% of its revenue. A value of $285 million in 2017, made up of jackets, boots, jeans, and T-shirts, caps, and gloves.

The good old most iconic brand in America was once made in Japan. Harley Davidson licenced The Sankyo company to make copies of the motorbike for sale in the Japanese market in 1935. After WWII in 1950, the company was sold to Showa; production of the motorbike stopped in 1959 but still provides parts to Harley Davidson, mainly front forks. The term “Hog” was not derived from the big fat Motorbikes that Harley are renown for. The term came from a race team member called Ray Weishaar, who owned a piglet that became the team’s mascot. The pig was taken on a victory lap after every win by the team.

UK Harley Davidson Models

There Are 24 Harley Davidson Models available in the UK.

    Cruisers Availabe In The UK

  • Softail Standard
  • Street Bob
  • Softail Slim
  • Low Rider S
  • Sport Glide
  • Fat Bob
  • Breakout
  • Fat Boy

    Adventure Touring

  • Pan America 1250
  • Pan America 1250 Special

    Electric Motorbikes

  • Livewire

    Touring Motorbikes

  • Heritage Classic
  • Road King
  • Road King Special
  • Road Glide Special
  • Street Glide Special
  • Road Glide Limited
  • Ultra Limited
  • CVO Street Glide
  • CVO Road Glide
  • CVO limited

    Touring Motorbikes

  • Freewheeler
  • Tri Glide Ultra
  • CVO Tri Glide

UK Harley Davidson Dealers

There Are 28 Harley Davidson Dealerships located in the UK.

    English Dealers

  • Robin Hood Harley Davidson
  • Harleyworld Harley Davidson
  • Sycamore Harley Davidson
  • Sykes Harley Davidson
  • Warr’s Harley Davidson
  • Cheltenham Harley Davidson
  • Chester Harley Davidson
  • Plymouth Harley Davidson
  • Riders of Bristol Harley Davidson
  • Guilford Harley Davidson
  • Watford Harley Davidson
  • Leeds Harley Davidson
  • Gateshead Harley Davidson
  • Oxford Harley Davidson
  • Jersey Harley Davidson
  • Stratstone Harley Davidson
  • Riders Bridgewater
  • Norwich Harley Davidson
  • Reading Harley Davidson
  • Southampton Harley Davidson
  • Maidstone Harley Davidson, Aylesford
  • Newmarket Harley Davidson
  • Manchester Harley Davidson

    Welsh Dealers

  • Swansea Harley Davidson (M&P)
  • Cardiff Harley Davidson (M&P)

    Scottish Dealers

  • West Coast Harley Davidson, Glasgow
  • Edinburgh Harley Davidson

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