BMW R1300GS & R1400GS

Have BMW recently leaked the next bike model lineup?

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The model leaks so far

Spy shots of the new models have been around on every bike related website since July 2021. We've all seen them! As always manufacturers seem to have a photographer lurking in the bushes as they tease their upcoming line-up. The expected R1300 GS is no different. BMW have been seen testing what looks like their latest model line-up and have seemed to have covered up some of the best bits. The bike has been seen disguised in what looks like a rough mock up and looks completely unfinished. The rear frame has been hidden with what looks like plastic tubing taped to the frame to hide what's really underneath. The R1300GS looks completely different, although there is no hiding the boxer engine.

BMW dealers all around the country are being pestered daily about upcoming models, with many prospective owners not purchasing the current R1250GS in anticipation of new models looming.

BMW have recently leaked what some believe are the new up and coming models list, including the R 1300 GS, R 1400 GS and M 1300 GS names on their very own servicing website.

Update: Kardesign have been commissioned by Motorrad to create a render of the M1300GS using the spy shots. Historically Kardesign's renders are well known for being really close to the production model - and we hope so - as we think it looks amazing.
Credit: Motorrad Facebook, Motorrad Instagram


We think the M 1300 GS is the biggest mystery so far. The GS name doesn't seem to fit naturally in to any kind of M package. The GS is a world renowned touring and adventure bike which doesn't currently have a place in any kind of racing or tuned up track bike package. We believe the model will probably come with lots of carbon fibre panels, billet accessories and some more street orientated tyres, possibly the Perilli Supercorsas? We wouldn't be surprised to see an akrapovic exhaust fitted from factory. The price point of the M model will inevitably increase, along with losing features such as the luggage rack and usb ports in the name of saving weight.

We think BMW may go down the route of a standard GS 1300 engine, with just styling changes. This may be in response to the new Ducati Multistrada V4.

R1300GS vs R1400GS Debate

We are not sure on BMW's gameplan with the leak of two different engines, we suspect that the R1400GS may be something they plan on doing after the R1300GS? Other sources state that the R1300GS will be the more off road orientated bike with its lighter weight and small dimensions. The R1400GS will probably be the direct replacement for the current GSA Adventure bike aimed more at long distances and better road power. This seems hard to believe as the current R1250GSA doesn't lack any power and the weight over the standard GS doesn't make any noticeable difference over the standard R1250GS. It seems confusing for BMW to add more complexity to the range with even more engine choices and variants.

The current line up of R1250's have so many different options including low suspension it's going to be hard for early buyers to have their perfect choice as most of the first bikes we will see may be sent from BMW directly to dealers. As with previous models to have all the spec you want a factory order may be needed. We hope the addition of a second engine choice doesn't make it any more complicated and BMW keep the lineup simple.

As always we are excited to see the new models which we crossing our fingers to see in late 2022.

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BMW R1250GS ShiftCam

Our R1300 GS Wishlist

Our wishlist for the R1300GS and R1400GS is simple. More power, less weight, less cost and more features. We know this probably won't be the case. However, we imagine more power will be on the cards as BMW try to compete with the new Ducati Multistrada V4. We are expecting to see a Radar with active cruise control as fitted to the new K1600 GT. A new TFT may also come from the K1600, allowing users to pair the phones up to the bike to display Sat Nav directions on their screen.

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